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Unheated casting beds

Pistas Producción sin calefacción

Resimart ® has extensive experience in the design and assembly of all types of casting beds. From polished concrete beds, with sheet metal, with bevels, or detachables.
Of any length and width, from sheet metal with or without bevels for molding lower chamfer on slabs and even the most economical – only from concrete.

In addition to all this variety of options, we make our casting beds depending on whether they are equipped with a heating system that helps cut the setting time of the piece (very useful in cold and moist climates) and those that do not have this resource.

Unheated casting beds are the most economical and work perfectly if there is enough space for their installation. They are also the best option for those manufacturers who have a low or medium production of precast concrete products and where climatic conditions are not extreme.

Despite being the simplest and most economical, unheated casting beds can also be manufactured in different qualities: polished concrete, steel sheet, etc.

In addition to manufacturing the production lines at Resimart we also have the assembly and installation service in the place determined by the customer. Our team specialized in machinery for the manufacture of prestressed concrete moves to the customer’s facilities to install the casting beds designed and manufactured in a personalized way for that particular manufacturer.

And not only that, but we also offer the possibility for our team to be in charge of putting the entire precast concrete installation into operation and training our client’s staff in the management of the production track so that they can use it efficiently and extracting the maximum performance from it.

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