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consulting service

At Resimart we not only design and manufacture machinery for the production of precast concrete. We have accumulated more than 40 years of experience in this sector and that allows us to offer our clients all our knowledge about it, advising you from before you decide to invest in a prefabricated plant.

For example, do you know the applications that have the parts that you are going to be able to manufacture? Do you know the technical characteristics required to be able to dedicate yourself to residential construction or civil works?

The answers to all these questions will be the ones that determine whether or not you make a millionaire investment in the construction, adaptation and equipment of a prefabricated concrete parts manufacturing plant. That is why at Resimart we offer this personalized consulting service.

Asesoramiento Resimart


he construction based on precast concrete parts is already widespread in all types of constructions and the multitude of parts that can be manufactured with the specialized machinery of Resimart have numerous applications.

In the construction of buildings for the third sector, both public and private (schools, shopping centers…), prefabricated concrete slabs are used to speed up deadlines without reducing the guarantee and security of the property. In the same way, factories and logistics warehouses are built today all over the world based on prestressed concrete, reducing costs and deadlines.

In the following sections you can find more detailed information about different aspects that influence the sector:

We also have a section with the product sheets so you can see their characteristics:

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