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Once you have purchased the Resimart machinery to manufacture your prestressed concrete it is possible that you have doubts about the best way to put all the equipment into operation.

Although their use may be the same, each manufacturer makes the machinery in a different way and, on many occasions, adapting them to the needs of the customer, so it is essential that he can access all the particular information necessary for his equipment to work perfectly from the first moment.

Start-up Service

At Resimart we have wanted to go further and, in addition to having the necessary information in the manual that accompanies our equipment, we offer a start-up service to all our customers.

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience, our clients begin to return on the investment made in the fastest way.

Start-up is one more of the valuable services we offer to companies that decide to become our clients.

Other of our services are the assembly of the equipment and the training of the staff to be able to use the machines in the appropriate way.

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