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Clamps and lifting beams

In the process of manufacturing prestressed concrete parts, the movement of the parts is essential to achieve really efficient and safe manufacturing protocols. Therefore, one of the complementary equipment that manufacturers require is clamp or lifting beam.

In Resimart we manufacture all kinds of clamps and lifting beams for the extraction or movement of the piece quickly and safely regardless of its shape and size.

We supply models for slabs, beams, posts, joists, stands, as well as cantonal clamps for the placement of the wall panels.

Tipos de Pinzas Resimart

Pinza Gran Tamaño


Pinza Placa


Pinza Tubular

Pinza Tubular

Pinza Vigueta

Pinza Vigueta

Pinza Universal

Pinza Graderio

Pinza Graderio

Complementary equipment for precast concrete

In addition to the clamps and lifting beams, Resimart offers a wide variety of complementary equipment ranging from beam crane and wire tensioning and de-tensioning systems to bed cleaners and wire pullers.

Lift tables, trowel machines, plotters, saws and transporters for precast concrete are also offered.

These equipment complete our machinery offer that includes the two machines that are the standard of our company’s service: the extruder and the concrete casting machine.

These last two machines are the protagonists of the Resimart product offer, but our vocation for service has led us to include in our offer all kinds of services related to their assembly and maintenance, attending to the needs of our customers detected in these more than 40 years of experience.

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