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About Us

We design, manufacture and install complete plants with machinery and accessories for the production of prefabricated prestressed concrete.

Development of new equipment

Assembly, start-up and training

One of our hallmarks is the development of new equipment based on constant innovation to achieve increasingly accurate and reliable machines that adapt to the needs of manufacturers of concrete structures. A sector in constant change due to the growing demand for this material for the construction of all types of infrastructures.

In addition, we offer our customers a whole series of services that provide a very important added value, such as the assembly tasks, commissioning and training of your entire team for the correct use of Resimart ® machines and installations.

Resimart Maquinaria Hormigón
Resimart Maquinaria Hormigón

Innovative solutions developed with our own technology

Assembly, start-up and training

Our casting machines and extruders allow to manufacture prestressed concrete with the technique chosen by the customer depending on their needs or productive capacity.

Along with these solutions, Resimart offers a whole series of machinery designed to facilitate and improve productivity in the processes of creating precast concrete: wire pullers, saws, bed cleaners, transporters … ideal complements for factories specializing in prestressed concrete parts.

For years, in addition to the manufacture and sale of machinery, at Resimart we have also decided to provide an integral service to our customers by helping them in the installation and commissioning of all our products.

However, our extensive experience in the sector, added to the vocation of service, has led us to also offer prior advice to those companies and investors who want to enter the precast concrete construction sector offering them our knowledge and recommendations on the type of machinery and production lines that best fit their space, budget and estimated production.

Do you need advice?

We offer our knowledge and recommendations on the type of machinery and production tracks that best fit your space, budget and estimated production.