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Precast concrete saw

A precast concrete saw is a machine that is used to perform the straight cutting of precast concrete elements, manually or automated, also allowing longitudinal cuts.

Resimart ® saws are machines of great robustness and reliability. hey are manufactured in different models according to customer needs.

Features of the saw

The Resimart © saw performs all its cutting movements electrically, which allows better control of the maneuvers and reduces the maintenance and adjustment tasks characteristic of hydraulic systems. n addition, linear guidance systems guaranteeprecise and reliable operation, with minimal wear and maintenance.

If required by customers, it can be supplied withelectric cable reeler and water hose reeler to ensure its autonomy during automatic operation.

The cutting speed is automatically regulated by virtue of the consumption of the motor that drives the disc. In addition, the movements have electronic regulation, which makes it possible to reduce their speed during cutting and increase it on return, thus optimizing working times.

In this sense, the presence of electronic starters in the motors (especially the cutting one) guarantees the absence of intensity peaks, protecting both the machine and the installations themselves.

Products that are made with Precast concrete saw

Extruder slab

The extruder slab is an extruded prestressed concrete hollow core slab. Para la elaboración de forjados en obras y edificaciones residenciales, comerciales e industriales.

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