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Among the complementary equipment that Resimart offers to concrete pre-tensioning manufacturers, there is a wide range of systems for tensioning wires or strands as well as systems for progressive de-tensioning once the concrete has set.

In addition to the machines required for the manufacturing of the parts pre-stressed concrete as the casting machine or extruder, Resimart, machinery manufacturer with over 40 years of experience, also includes in its catalog a multitude of complementary equipment to offer a complete service to its customers.

Hydraulic tensioning systems

For thetensioning of wires or strands we have hydraulic tensioning systems suitable to the specific needs of each installation. This system can tension each of the wires (individually or in pairs) until the appropriate tension is reached.

De-tensioning head

Active De-tensioning anchor head

The active or de-tensioning anchor head is prepared to maintain the tension of wires or strands of any diameter and is designed in such a way that it allows, by means of a hydraulic device, to reduce the tension of the assembly progressively. In this way, any problems in the newly manufactured product are avoided.

Passive anchor head

At the opposite end of the casting bed a fixed or passive anchor head is arranged for the fastening of the wires that can be of the palier, comb or mixed type. In addition, these systems have anchoring of end-of-bed limiters to properly position the wires.

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