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In addition to the in-house design and manufacturing of equipment Resimart also offers its customers a series of services that provide added value to the purchase of machinery for the manufacture of prestressed concrete.

Among them, the on-site assemblyof the equipment itself or the commissioning of both the production lines and the machinery purchased, whether extruder, casting machine or any other of our equipment.

Another of the services that we offer with a high degree of acceptance by our clients is training.

Complete training

Once the startup of the production equipment has been carried out, a complete training is given to the workers who will be in charge of handling the machines.

If you want to start a concrete pre-tensioning manufacturing project but you don’t have the right staff or you think they need to refresh their knowledge in order to get the most out of the equipment you have acquired at Resimart, ask us about our training service, both punctual and periodic.

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