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Wire puller

The wire puller is a machine designed to perform the task of transporting wires from one end of the casting bed to the other, quickly and safely.

The casting beds

The wire puller is one of the complementary equipment that we manufacture at Resimart and that are part of the production lines, complete facilities to manufacture the prestressed concrete parts.

Along the casting beds, the main machines involved in the process deploy their work, either the extruder or the casting machine, depending on the technology chosen to make the parts.

Together with them, the complementary equipment serves to perform small functions but helps to optimize the process by reducing unnecessary displacements and, also, the costs and manufacturing times of each of the parts.

This machine, like many others in our catalog, has other additional options to adapt to the needs of customers such as the inclusion of a system to spray the beds of release oil. It can also be equipped with a radio control equipment for remote operation.

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