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Constructor hormigón prefabricado propio


I want a factory for my works and to sell to third parties

If you are a builder and you work with prefabricated material, you know that it is a growing sector and that it is already hegemonic in the buildings of the secondary and tertiary sectors. It has also been imposing its advantages on civil works for decades.

Hence, manufacturing prestressed concrete is a very attractive line of business for construction companies that know the sector and the details of it.

With the acquisition of machinery for the realization of precast concrete parts, the construction company can, on the one hand, save costs and shorten the execution times of the awarded works if it manufactures the parts for its own use, but, in addition, it can take advantage of that investment to get even more profitability by manufacturing parts for other companies in the sector.

Advantages of manufacturing for own use

The main reason to purchase Resimart machinery to manufacture your own precast concrete parts is to be able to control the entire construction process: from the manufacture of the concrete modules themselves to their transport and assembly.

But, in addition, you will be able to reduce costs and deadlines throughout that process.

For example, you can avoid delays by allocating all your machinery to produce only for your own works.

In addition, you will be able to exercise greater control over the residual cost of each of the parts and adjust the budget and deadlines much more.

All these advantages may not convince you, but if you add to this the fact that with a Resimart production line and knowing the production process, you will be able to open a line of business selling your pieces to other companies and amortize the investment more quickly.

You will be able to reduce time and transport costs if you can install your own production line at the construction site.

What am I going to need?

At least one casting bed. It is the crucial element of installation and the quality of its finishing depends on the quality of the final product. A properly installed bed will make the difference between a good product and one that is not.

A factory with a collection area to store the product. The dimensions of the factory will obviously determine the productive capacity. In order for manufacturing to be operational and the investment profitable, at Resimart we are talking about a minimum of three casting beds and a productive length above 100 meters.

These are standard technical considerations, but one of the characteristics of Resimart is that we offer an absolutely personalized service. That means that you can tell us your idea, tell us what your available resources are and, from there, we will develop together a project that meets your objectives and is productive, safe and profitable.

We get your project to give you the results you expect by adapting to your productive and investment capacity and taking into account the duality that involves manufacturing for own use and also manufacturing for other customers.

Is your company engaged in industrialized construction?

So, you are interested in having your own machinery for the manufacture of prestressed concrete parts because:

Need more reasons?

Call us and we will advise you for your specific case.
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