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Bed cleaner

The Resimart bed cleaner allows efficient cleaning of casting beds with any surface. Whether they are removable beds, heated or unheated beds, with the bed cleaner you get an efficient and indispensable cleaning to allow continuous production.

Two versions of bed cleaners

It is manufactured in two versions: with electric or hydraulic traction. With this latest version, a higher and variable speed is achieved that can be used to spray the track with demoulding agent once it is cleaned.

All the parts in contact with the concrete remains are formed using abrasion-resistant materials, to reduce their wear to a minimum. The same machine can also be used to spray demoulding agent on the bed once it is cleaned.

Optionally, a lateral suction system can be incorporated, for cleaning the passages.
The bed cleaner is one of the products of the Resimart catalog of accessory equipment for the manufacture of prestressed concrete.

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