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Transporter for precast concrete

The Resimart transporter is designed for the extraction of prestressed concrete products autonomously, quickly and easily. By freeing the beam crane from this work, it is possible to significantly improve the productivity of the factories.

This type of machines, like all those in the Resimart catalog, are manufactured in different models, according to the customer’s needs.

Optionally, the machine can prepare packages of several rows of product in order to then transport several products at once to the exit of the casting beds.

Also realize the pulling of the wires, can be equipped with double traction system, interchangeable system of clamps for different products, weighing system, marking, etc…

It can also be supplied with aconsole for wireless control, once again increasing the safety and functionality of the machine.

The transporter is the best alternative to avoid bottlenecks caused by the workload of the beam crane.

Machinery for prestressing concrete

The conveyor machine is one more of the complete catalog that we have at Resimart with machinery and accessories of all kinds for prestressing concrete. Whether you manufacture with extrusion technology or vibro-compression, we have everything you need for your concrete prestressing factory.

We offer a comprehensive service of design, assembly and commissioning of all machinery and we add an after-sales service and training in the use of our machines for all your staff.

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