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Concrete extruder

The concrete extruder, or extruder, is the machine used for the manufacture of hollow core slabs using, as its name suggests, extrusion technology.

The powerful screws system and the correct combination of rotation, thrust and oscillation of the set of mechanisms of our extruder machine allows a greater compaction of concrete than the casting machine.

Extrusion technology

Extrusion technology is the way to achieve higher quality in the manufacture of our hollow core slabs. This technology, which is the one used in the concrete extruder machine, allows to obtain lighter slabs and with a better water / cement ratio.

In addition, hollow core slabs made with an extruder are more resistant.

Another of the qualities that are obtained in prefabricated products made with extrusion technology and with the concrete extruder is that their setting is much faster. By using less amount of water, setting time is less.

Undoubtedly, the use of this type of technology allows manufacturers to obtain higher quality products.

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Productos que se fabrican con la Extrusora de hormigón

Extruder slab

The extruder slab is an extruded prestressed concrete hollow core slab. Para la elaboración de forjados en obras y edificaciones residenciales, comerciales e industriales.