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Precast concrete plotter

The Resimart © plotter allows automatic marking of precast concrete of any type of previously indicated information by means of a special indelible ink jet system.

Resimart© precast plotter elements

Another noteworthy element of the Resimart © plotter is that it uses a fast-drying and weather-resistant ink, very useful for concrete products since it allows it to adapt to any surface and environmental conditions.

Among the options that we offer at Resimart for the plotter, we have an automatic model of this machine, powered by an electric motor, which allows the marking of all existing elements on the production bed autonomously.

This is one of the types of complementary equipment that we include in our machinery catalog and that allow manufacturers to offer a higher quality product.

Thanks to this machine, for example, the products can be perfectly identified, thus complying with the corresponding regulations.

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