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Precast concrete trowel machine

The Resimart © trowel machine is a machine designed to perform the upper and lateral smoothing of prestressed concrete slabs. With the technique used by this machine, a product with a better finish and a presence that stands out over other products manufactured without the use of the machine is achieved since it manages to eliminate surface defects.

Vibrocompression and extrusion technologies

The trowel is one of the machines used in the manufacturing process of prestressed concrete pieces, either with vibro-compression technology or extrusion.

Extrusion technology is the way to achieve the highest quality hollow core slabs or slabs, while vibrocompression is the most versatile technology since it allows, with a single machine, to manufacture all kinds of prestressed elements.

Precast concrete can be made with both technologies depending on the final result to be obtained and the manufacturer’s objectives.

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