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Heated casting beds


The production lines require an appropriate installation and a design and assembly suitable for the needs of each client. The prestressed concrete factories have specific space and morphology characteristics and, also, are located in very diverse places with different climatic conditions.

Therefore, the casting beds must be adapted to these characteristics to achieve an optimization in their use and improve the profitability of the company.

With regard to climatic conditions, there are certain climates where low temperatures or high humidity can cause excessively long periods of setting of prestressed concrete pieces with the consequent economic cost for companies.

That is why heated casting beds are essential in cold climates or to speed up the setting process. At Resimart, we supply hot water, steam or oil heating systems.

In this type of heated beds, the setting can be obtained in up to 8 hours which significantly speeds up the manufacturing process.

The system can have automation of the heating time and conditions. The boiler or heat generation system can be purchased locally or supplied by Resimart for any fuel, even biomass.

Vibrocompression and extrusion

The heated casting beds are adapted to any of the technologies used for the manufacture of prestressed concrete.

They can incorporate both casting machines that use vibro-compression technology and extrusion machines, a technology that allows making high-quality hollow core slabs.
At Resimart we have more than 40 years of experience in the concrete machinery sector and we have exported to numerous countries with all kinds of climates and peculiarities that require heated casting beds.

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