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Detachable casting beds


Modular and Detachable casting beds Resimart are the best option to achieve maximum mobility and production flexibility increasing the profitability of the factory.

Thanks to this innovation, Resimart ® is able to offer its customers strategic options so that they can adapt to the increasingly changing market conditions.

This type of casting beds are those that, as their name suggests, are composed of modules that can be easily disassembled and repositioned in another space or place.

It is a great advantage because it allows the manufacturer to easily adapt its production equipment to a change of space and also of production level or even to a change in its business model.

In addition, this type of facilities are very useful for those construction companies that undertake large works. In this case, it is an important logistical advantage to manufacture your own precast concrete parts near the place where the work is located.

They are also suitable when installing a factory in one place on a temporary basis and then moving to other facilities because the investment is not lost: the bed is dismantled and reassembled adjusting it to the space and production conditions of the new location.

Casting beds in precast concrete industry

The casting beds are made up of different elements so that everything works correctly and the manufacturing process develops properly.

Therefore, all the parts that make up this installation must be assembled with excellent precision to avoid any problems in the process, which would entail quality and economic losses for the manufacturer.

One of the most important characteristics to get right when choosing a casting bed is that it adapts to the available space and production needs. Nowadays, the casting beds can be adapted to these particular circumstances to the point of having practically personalized facilities.

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