Casting machine

The Resimart® Casting Machine combines amazing performances with a high robustness, low maintenance costs and ease of use.

The Vibrocompression technology is extremely versatile allowing to manufacture an endless number of products (beams, hollow beams, wall panels, floor slabs, pi plates, posts, stairs, etc.) by changing the mold in less than 5 minutes, with the possibility of reinforcement with a single-wire and/or steel strand.

Its powerful vibrator, controlled electronically, ensures a compact and homogeneous concrete throughout the area of the manufactured product, thereby achieving both an excellent adhesion with the reinforcement and resistance of the final product.

It is manufactured according to the customer needs with different extras: liquid release spread system, top or side marking system, device for free wires, lateral shaping for better on site anchorage and anti-seismic behavior.

Technical Information

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